still alive

February 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

you might have thought we died. we didn’t.

we’re coming back soon.

it’ll be worth the wait.



cruel summer

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello beautiful people,

Mal, here, reporting for duty.

okay, summer’s not cruel. the last thing it is, is cruel.

BUT it’s HERE.

Not only is it here–it’s in full swing.

I’ve had the blessing of working at Cedar Springs all summer (you can read a little bit about what I’ve been learning here). It has been the biggest blessing. Such a sweet gift from God. Lots of growth and learning and humbling and loving.

More than I could have ever hoped for or imagined. This summer has been full of blessings (and life) to say the least!

Sarah has been busy as a bee, too. Taking summer classes, babysitting (nanny Sarah is in Nantucket as I type this! Miss you Sarah B!). She’s hoppin on a campaign trail when she’s back in town, I believe.

missing the final addition to our apt: schaefy

we moved into our new apartment, which we are just loving. can’t wait to have yall (do you live in knoxville?) over for a back-to-school-bash in august. invites TBD (to be delivered).

So busy.

In and out of town like it’s our job.

Going to weddings like never before.

Loving sunshine.

Dependent on sonic happy hour.

Please read all of the above as: we have no complaints.

We’ll be back soon. We’ve got lots of places we wanna dine at. And we want YOU to come with! So holler if you’d like to come along for the ride

sunshine and summertime

May 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

bonjour, ami!  sarah here.  things have slowed down and temperatures have risen ’round these parts… summer is here to stay!  how exciting: sunshine, long days, beaches, friends.  it all sounds swell(tering), doesn’t it?!

you know what?!  the only thing i love as much as food is music.  mmmm i love music.  live music.  fast music.  slow music.  soft music.  festive music.  madonna said it best, “music makes the people come together!”  anywho, in case you have not received my “summer 2011 (or 2010, or 2009, or 2008)” cd… here are a few of my top picks.

the soundtrack of your summer:

  1. long hot summer day :: sara watkins
  2. soak up the sun :: sheryl crow
  3. california :: rufus wainwright
  4. summer girls :: lfo
  5. everything will be alright :: matt wertz
  6. say you will :: ben harper
  7. give a little :: hanson
  8. that girl tonight :: mockingbird sun
  9. kokomo :: beach boys
  10. old dirt hill :: dmb
  11. georgia clay :: josh kelley
  12. dance all night :: ryan adams
  13. girl named tennessee :: needtobreathe
  14. elevation :: u2
  15. sign, sealed, delivered :: stevie wonder
  16. never say never :: justin bieber
  17. white dress :: ben rector
  18. daylight :: matt & kim
  19. be my thrill :: the weepies
  20. stayin alive :: bee gees
  21. callin’ baton rouge :: garth brooks
  22. summer wind :: frank sinatra
  23. walkin’ on sunshine :: katrina & the waves
  24. good life :: andy davis
  25. run around :: blues traveler
  26. sunshine :: the brady bunch
  27. sunshine and summertime :: faith hill
  28. follow you down :: gin blossoms
  29. summer nights :: grease
  30. summer breeze :: jason mraz
  31. better than :: john butler trio
  32. 3 x 5 :: john mayer
  33. who wouldn’t want to be me :: keith urban
  34. where you are :: marc broussard
  35. walking in memphis :: marc cohn
  36. island in the sun :: weezer
  37. wade through the night :: matt wertz
  38. thousand miles :: vanessa carlton
  39. in the summertime :: mungo jerry
  40. hurry up sunrise :: north mississippi allstars

i do love music.  i hope you all do too…

have a lovely day,

summertime sarah.

burger FREAKING up

May 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

friends, romans, countrymen.  lend me your ear.

have you ever lusted after a burger?  we have.


when i (sarah) lived in nashville last summer, good food was an everyday staple.  thanks to a friend who is in with the trendy nashville crowd, i was invited to go to dinner at burger up THE FIRST NIGHT it existed.  like, they just turned the lights on.  they didn’t even have real menus yet.  ANYWAYS, burger up is on the 12th south drag in a really hip and happening area of nashy-v (as i like to endearingly call it).  when you walk into burger up for the first time, you are confused (or i was atleast).  it looks like a closet.  the tables are family/community style and all of the guests are piled in there. now, I’VE never had a problem with rubbing shoulders with dave barnes (cough cough true story) or chris johnson (titans whatwhat), but if you are a vineyard vines wearing, loafer clad, pompus, still-have-your-MUS-stickers-on-your-suv-from-HIGH-SCHOOL dude, then you might feel a tinge uncomfortable in this hipster paradise.  again off track, the moral of this short story is that BURGER FREAKING UP is THE BEST PLACE I HAVE EVER EATEN.  the first few times i visited (once with mallory) i ordered the turkey burger that has since been removed from the menu.  burger up stands for fresh, quality food.  they “support farmers who care about their animals and farms.”  even though it is sad the turkey burger is MIA, they are in search of a vendor that meets their standards, and i support that.  in the meantime, i will be content with the “triple L classic” which boasts high quality meat from triple L ranch just down the road in franklin, tn.

gaaaaahlee, this place is unreal.  if you have any ounce of brain power after finals GET YOURSELF MOOOOOO-ving to burger up.  call me and i’ll jump in the car and go with you!

speaking of coming with you, we (mal talking now) recruited two of vandy’s most studious students — margaret and mary raine — to please us with the honor of their presence at our mini-vaca on the way back to memphis over easter break — and boy oh boy did we have a grand ole time.

margaret and mary raine brought some new flavors to our burger-up-lovin’ palattes. we ain’t never seen the likes of these kinds of burgers anywhere else in any neighborhood we’ve ever been a part of: margaret had the marathon (quinoa + black bean burger) and mary raine had the salmon burger.

one thing was constant (desmond hume, anyone?) across each of these lovely ladies’s plates. THE HOUSE FRIES.

these fries will change alter the course of your life. they aren’t your run of the mill fry-babies. if you find yourself dreaming of wendy’s new sea salt fries (i’ll be the first to admit, i crave these on the occasional late night), you have got another thing comin’.

these fries are like the pinnacle of fry world. they are the gucci of fries. the aston-martin of fries. the beverly hills of fries. i could go on forever, but you get it. they are top of the line. and the have best companion in life: jack daniels ketchup. sarah and i never hestitate to ask for seconds. we make this a necessity of every bite of fry, not an option. we’re not into all that eat healthy mess – “i’ll just have the wilted spinach” — we want the real deal. best burger in town and some fries, please.

(sarah again)…and for dessert (hehehe), a sweet taste of the true country sounds of nashville: mockingbird sun.  fergie said it best, “tasty, tasty.” we hopped in the car (full hearts and happy bellies) and cruised on over to exit/in for the “pearls for life” benefit concert.  my counterpart last summer, barrett (and the birchtree band) opened and mockingbird sun followed.  we all were tapping our toes and clapping our hands, keeping time with each band that played.  totally in our element.  live music, good lookin’ musicians, friends, and lots of laughter.

the best of friends, michael and mary raine

boy in boots (see above) makin' an appearance at a post-concert sonic run

our sweet provider of a roof over our heads and a bed under our bodies. thanks mary raine!

here we are. we like boys (that one's for you amy)!

shout out to madeline, our favorite reader!

here’s to hoping we get to go to burger up lots this summer!

10-4 / over and out — malbrooks

signed, sealed, delivered, i’m yours — sarah b

I LOVE BURGER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay bye.

vegetable wisdom

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living la vida knoxville

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

we are staying in knoxville for the summer!

we are living together. moving into the same apartment. and sharing a bedroom. can. you. believe. it.

dream come true.

it’s going to be too much fun for us to handle. can you say no sleep?

summer is quickly approaching… that means we have a few obstacles between us and the sunshine-y days that are ahead. bum bum bummm: finals.

BUT, there is a light at the end of the tunnel…hurry up may 10th!

so many good times are ahead: weddings galore, patio sitting, bachelor watching (did i even just say that? sarah, be proud. i’m committing to watching this with you publicly — there’s no going back now), poolside layin’, firefly watching, and car driving (nashville, birmingham, asheville)!

…and eating! so much summer food to enjoy. lemonade, bbq (memphis style of course), blackberry cobbler + ice cream, arnold palmers (if your name is sarah), watermelon, lots of knoxville dives, yum yum yum.

between now & then, many eats with friends before we part ways for the summer!

livin’ la vida knoxville!


April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well he’s all you’d ever want,
He’s the kind they’d like to flaunt and take to dinner.

he is mister adam cole

and he accompanied us to the crown and goose.

Give your eyes a feast : The Crown & Goose. Knoxville’s first authentic London gastropub* located downtown in the Old City. Gorgeous inside, and some of the classiest food in town.

*asking yourself what a gastropub is? so did we. our great waitress explained it best: “gastropub comes from the french word ‘gastronomique,’ which means the study of food, and the british term for a public house or ‘pub’. a gastropub specializes in high quality food, several steps above the usual ‘pub grub.'” get it girl. she knows what she’s talkin’ bout.

gastropub sounds too foreign. what kind of food do they serve that isn’t typical pub grub? here ya go, folks. we all tried something different, so get ready for a watering mouth. this junk is gonna whet your appetite like no other.

burger&planks (bellott's choice)


fish&chips (brooks's choice)


part i: classic caesar (cole's choice)

part ii: crab croquet (cole's choice)



mallory, here. entering a time of confession:

i am in love. with crown and goose. falling in the deep.

i want to eat here for every birthday of mine from now until forever. i want to sleep here. i want to play in the beer garden on every warm summer night to come. i want to date the crown and goose. i want to knit it a shawl so it can be pretty when we spend time together. i want to hold hands with crown and goose.

is that weird? maybe. is it one of my favorites thus far on our knoxville dining adventures? most definitely. so much so that i took mi madre back to c&g for more ganache. OH MY GA(NACHE). you have to go get some. you aren’t livin’ til you’ve had this little diddy:

thanks to mister cole for pickin' out the best dessert

other things to keep in mind:

Happy Hour – 4:30pm – 7:30pm Monday – Friday
12noon – 7:30pm Saturday
Monday – Half Price fish ‘n’ chips – 4pm – 7pm.
Tuesday – Half Off bottle of wine all day.
Wednesday – Happy Hour on drafts all day.
Thursday – Soup and salad lunch combo Half Price – daytime.
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